Improve the processing speed, energy efficiency, and machine reliability of your industry with our retrofitting services. Extend the lifetime of your machinery with a smart and optimized investment.


Extend your industry investments with a long term perspective.

Improve the capabilities and reliability of your machines with the latest technologies.  We can solve all sorts of mechanical, electrical, electronics, pneumatic and oleo-dynamic issues.

We rebuild, upgrade and retrofit machines to the best quality standards and with Industry 4.0 in mind.


Prolong the life of your machinery with ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

Prevent future problems and optimize resources with our maintenance services.

We provide diagnostics and service for your machines with certified staff and instruments. We provide maintenance on-site with quick turnaround times.


Bring up to international standards your facilities and machines.

Get an analysis, solution and engineering for your needs. Available both in-shop and on-site service.

Our trained and certified technicians perform operations all across the globe. We can provide a myriad of certifications for your specific needs.

We provide transport of industrial machinery and tools of any kind and size.

We perform a survey of the original conditions to assess the machine status. We then either organize the means of lifting and transportation, or we use those on site. We reposition the machinery, restarting it and trying to improve their working conditions.

our method

Site Survey

We visit your facilities to assess on-site the needs of the specific project directly with the client and staff.
We draft a current situation and a possible solution to protect and maximize the investment.

Feasability study

We verify all the variables and scope of the project to confirm the solution feasability, calculate times of engineering, implementation and testing.


We present the study to the client and we run a round of feedback to tweak and improve the offer.

Proposal Agreement

Once the offer is in its final phase, we stipulate an agreement to start operations.

Inhouse design

We engineer and design inhouse the bespoke solution, consulting our libraries and databases, and our spare part stock when possible.


We manufacture the solutions in our own facilities with top of the line tools and materials and outstanding precision

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